Comprehensive Services for Better Financial Clarity

At Mossy Creek Wealth, we are here to serve as your trusted advisor in helping you find clarity for all your financial decisions and plans. Most clients work with us as much for our broad planning capabilities as they do for our investment expertise. Whatever your life stage and circumstances, we can help with a wide range of planning and management needs for individuals and businesses alike. Learn more about our services below.

Wealth Management

At Mossy Creek Wealth, we are more than just planners and advisors. We truly are wealth managers. For our clients with diverse and complex needs, goals and circumstances, we bring a variety of products and services together under a highly personalized wealth management plan to grow and protect your wealth. We consistently monitor your affairs, strategize for the short, intermediate and long term, and help you make key decisions and adjustments as challenges and opportunities arise. In short, we make it a habit to make ourselves indispensable to our wealth management clients in Virginia and nationwide.

Investment Management

As an independent wealth management firm, we are not restricted to offering proprietary investment products, and we aren’t incentivized to push any particular offers or services. Instead, we tailor our investment advice to suit your specific needs, goals, timeline and risk tolerance. And we only recommend the products which we believe are the best fit for you. For clients seeking investment advice and management services, we offer:

  • Stocks, bonds and mutual funds
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Annuities – Fixed, Variable, Equity Indexed
  • Alternative investments
  • 529 Plans
  • Fixed income strategies
  • Retirement accounts
  • IRA Accounts – Traditional, Roth, Rollover
  • 401(k), SIMPLE IRA and SEP IRA

Financial Planning

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already living in retirement — or you’re somewhere in between — you can benefit from financial planning. Under our holistic financial planning service, we’ll help you identify your needs, goals, timelines, risks, and opportunities. Then, we’ll develop a highly customized financial plan designed to grow and change with you over the years. So, whether you simply need to get on the same page as your spouse in terms of your financial goals and vision, want to get a better handle on your finances, or you need to develop savings, investment and income distribution plans in preparation for retirement, we’re here to help.

Estate Planning

An estate plan is an essential component in any comprehensive financial plan. Our experienced estate planners will coordinate with your estate attorney to help you develop a plan that will fulfill your wishes and transition illiquid assets, such as land, to the next generation. In addition to ensuring your wishes are carried out, having an estate plan also eases the administrative and emotional burdens left on your loved ones, as all of the important details of your estate will already be decided. We’re adept at navigating complicated situations and family dynamics, and when the time comes, we’ll help coordinate and oversee the implementation of your estate plan.

Insurance & Protection

At Mossy Creek Wealth, we are proactive when it comes to protecting what you’ve worked hard to achieve and obtain in your lifetime. That’s why we are licensed insurance brokers as well as insurance planners. We don’t just recommend the most appropriate insurance products for your circumstances, we’ll help you find coverage to suit your specific needs and budget. We offer risk assessments, insurance planning and products for permanent and term life insurance, disability income, and long term care insurance.

Tax Planning

A little tax planning can go a long way in terms of savings. We work with both individuals and businesses to help them optimize their tax strategies, often resulting in significant tax savings. We’ll assess your situation on a yearly basis and make recommendations for the most effective tax strategies to put you in the most favorable position possible for each new tax season. As a part of this service, we’ll also coordinate with your tax preparer to help ensure your strategy is implemented according to plan.

Business Planning

For business owners, we offer extensive business planning services and solutions. We help guide business owners through complicated decisions such as succession planning, incentivizing key employees and other issues that can otherwise leave you staring at the bedroom ceiling at 3 o’clock in the morning. Our business planning services include:

  • Employer sponsored retirement plans
  • Executive compensation strategies
  • Business succession planning
  • Buy/sell strategies
  • Financial planning for owners and executives