Helping You Achieve Financial Clarity

Life moves fast. It’s dynamic. It’s complex. Where change is constant, challenges abound, but so do opportunities. As you look ahead, do you have a clear picture of your financial future? What will it take financially to fulfill that vision? Are you confident that your current plan will get you there? Is your family protected if something should happen to you? In the face of so many complicated questions, seeing the way forward can be difficult. We’ve been there. We’ve seen the effects of poor planning and the lasting benefits of effective planning. We are passionate about financial planning and investment management because we find great fulfullment in helping our clients achieve financial clarity for every life stage.

clear water - hands holding water

Finding Clarity at Mossy Creek: About Our Name

At Mossy Creek Wealth, you will feel a difference from the time you drive up to our office. We aren’t located in a strip mall in town, but rather in the Shenandoah Valley countryside, in a home that was a civil war hospital, a home where Trent Byerly’s grandmother lived independently until the age of 105, a home that sits in the center of the Byerly family farm. 
If you took the time to walk our property, you’d eventually come across an area where two creeks — one murky, one clear — merge into one mossy-banked creek. Where these creeks merge, the water becomes crystal clear. That’s the kind of clarity we’ll aim to provide for you in your financial life when our paths cross — crystal clear as far as you can see.

A Unique Perspective for More Effective Planning

Most financial planners and wealth management firms plan for averages, which works if everything in your life stays within those averages. But that’s quite a gamble, isn’t it? We know the averages, but we plan proactively for the outliers that can easily derail your plans. We’ve seen it happen too many times, and that’s why we’re here. We leverage our out-of-the-box thinking and comprehensive perspective to bring greater clarity and actionable steps to the wealth management strategies we develop for the clients who are the ideal fit for our process. We’ll help you pursue the future you desire without fearing the financial impacts of the unknown and unexpected.

Professional Partnerships to Meet All Your Planning Needs

You’re busy. We get that. So we’ve formed professional partnerships to help make our wealth management and financial planning processes faster, smoother and easier for you. We work with your other advisors, like CPAs, estate attorneys, and more to help ensure your plans are carried out in every area of your life. We’re also insurance brokers, so not only can we recommend appropriate coverage, but we can find and secure those insurance plans for you as well, saving you yet another step. This is how Mossy Creek Wealth delivers truly holistic, comprehensive service.

Our Core Values


We dive deep with clients to gain clarity around their family, business, and financial situations because when people have clarity they can execute according to their long-term goals and desires.

True Wealth

We are equipped to uncover and help align anything impacting our clients’ financial picture including asset management, tax optimization, legal and estate matters, and insurance and other forms of protection.


We don’t plan for averages or the status quo. We plan for outliers that are specific to your unique journey because being more intentional can help you be more resilient when things don’t go according to plan.


We’re committed to out-of-the-box thinking from multiple angles. We’re comfortable embracing any effective method to connect more dots and see beyond traditional paths and solutions.

Our Intuitive 5 Step Process

Step 1: Get Acquainted

In our initial meeting, we take the opportunity to get to know you. We’ll discuss your financial goals, challenges and concerns. Together, we’ll determine which of our services are right for you. From there, we’ll provide a detailed proposal and a fee quote. If you decide to engage our services, we will give you a list of any additional information needed to begin working on your plan. You’ll pay a deposit, and we’ll both sign a Planning Agreement.

Step 2: Data Gathering and Review

We’ll walk you through gathering any additional data we request, and you’ll complete your Expense Worksheet and Risk Tolerance Questionnaire. Once we receive all the necessary documents, we’ll organize your data and begin to develop your personalized wealth plan. Depending on the scope of the project, we may need to check facts, refine assumptions and clarify goals.

Step 3: Data Verification and Interactive Goal Setting

At this stage, we’ll discuss your data points and our analysis, and you’ll have another opportunity to further clarify your current situation and financial goals. We’ll also cover any additional questions or concerns you may have. This meeting can often be handled over the phone.

Step 4: Wealth Plan Presentation

At this meeting, we’ll present and discuss your personalized wealth plan in detail. We may schedule more than one presentation meeting if we need to review multiple scenarios (e.g., retiring at different ages, selling a second home, etc.). Based on your feedback and preferences, we’ll make specific recommendations and form a detailed action plan. Full payment of the remaining fee is due at this time.

Step 5: Wealth Plan Implementation & Maintenance

The implementation step is crucial to helping you pursue your financial goals. We would welcome the opportunity to help you implement your plan through our Wealth Management services. However, you are under no obligation to move forward if, for some reason, your circumstances change, impacting your wealth plan, or if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. If you choose to implement your wealth plan, we recommend meeting regularly for financial reviews and whenever major life events occur.