My Life Roadmap™ is a proprietary system we have developed over decades as a Wealth Management firm. We use this powerful tool because we know it’s critically important for you to protect your wealth and seek to maximize growth opportunities.  


Planning Topics 

To help you evaluate, track, and achieve your goals, we use a series of Planning Topics. You can think of these as the building blocks of a successful Wealth Management journey (roadmap). And while some advisors may use a few of these planning topics, we offer more choices - and bonuses! And because all families and situations are unique, we customize each of the dashboards to only one family – yours.  


What is the E3 Method™? 

We do this by using the 3 Planning Levels of our proprietary E3 Method™- Essential, Enhanced, Elite. Think of Essential as the basic steps required for each of the Planning Topics, Elite as the most advanced, and Enhanced in the middle. Find out more about E3 here. 


Do you know your level?  

We will listen to the needs and goals you want to achieve and together, we will help you decide which Planning Levels of the E3 Method™ is best for each of your Planning Topics. See E3 in action here.  


  1. Discovery Process: Start your journey to sound Wealth Management, with our Discovery Process, where we assess your unique financial situation and goals. 

  1. Investment & Lifetime Income Planning: Secure your financial future through knowledgeable investment and lifetime income planning services tailored to your needs. 

  1. Tax and Cash Flow Planning: Maximize your financial efficiency with comprehensive tax and cash flow planning strategies designed to minimize liabilities and optimize resources. 

  1. Banking and Credit Planning: Take control of your banking and credit with our comprehensive planning services, with a goal of ensuring your financial stability and growth. 

  1. Protection and Insurance Planning: Safeguard your financial well-being with our protection and insurance planning solutions, customized to your unique circumstances. 

  1. Estate and Generational Planning: Secure the seamless transfer of assets and wealth across generations with our estate and generational planning services. 

  1. Charitable and Legacy Planning: Leave a lasting legacy and make a positive impact on the world with our charitable and legacy planning experience. 

  1. Real Estate Planning: Enhance your real estate investments and wealth with our strategic real estate planning services. 

  1. Private Business Planning: Navigate the complexities of private business management with our straightforward planning solutions. 



  1. Genealogy and Longevity: Explore your family history and plan for the future using genealogy and longevity insights. 

  1. Digital Security: Protect your online presence with advanced digital security planning tools. 

  1. Timelines & Historical Tracking: Document your life’s journey with historical tracking and timeline tools.  


To find out more about My Life Roadmap™ and how we customize it to your life, click here to book a phone call with Bobby Hart, our Wealth Advisor. Or call us today at (540) 248-4343 and ask to speak with Bobby.  

You’ll answer a few questions to see if Wealth Management is the right fit for you. When we understand your unique situation, we can discuss the Planning Topics that fit your financial life best.