In a complex, ever changing and chaotic world, we bring clarity to life’s financial complexities, so you can face the future with confidence and resilience.

Holistic & Proactive Financial Services



Investment Management

Get personalized investment advice to suit your specific needs, goals, timeline and risk tolerance. We offer a broad range of products to suit your investment needs.

Advanced Planning

For both individuals and businesses, we coordinate with your tax preparer to help optimize your tax strategies and put you in a favorable position for each tax season.

Client Service

Through proactive planning and a broad range of personalized services, we help our clients gain control and comprehensive clarity around their financial situations throughout life’s changing circumstances.

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Our Proactive Approach to Wealth Management

Many financial planners try to plan your finances around averages — average retirement age, average life expectancy, average expenses — then scramble to react when life throws above- and below-average outcomes your way. But at Mossy Creek Wealth, we don’t plan for averages. We plan proactively for the potential outliers and situations that are unique to your financial journey. This intentional, proactive approach helps you maintain financial clarity and resilience when plans are inevitably interrupted.

Our Approach

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One Firm for All Your Financial Planning Needs

Our team’s driving purpose is to serve as our clients’ most trusted advisors, making ourselves indispensable as we aim to provide first-class service. We value and seek to form long term relationships with clients, to the point that these relationships often turn into friendships. Uncovering and accounting for the many factors that can impact a client’s financial picture is our forte. We’re equipped to assist with all your planning needs, from asset management, to tax optimization, legal matters, insurance and more.

About Us

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Envision Your Future with Clarity

Nestled in the Shenandoah Valley, on the Mossy Creek Wealth property, sits a crystal clear creek where two smaller creeks merge. Step into it with your bare feet and you can see every rock, pebble and tadpole ahead of your every step. This is the kind of clarity we aim to provide for each of our carefully selected clients who walks through the doors of our quintessential farmhouseturned-office. We help our clients view their financial plans and key decisions with greater clarity, so they can step confidently toward the future they desire. 

Our Services

Mossy Creek Wealth manages assets for individuals and families, providing investment management, and financial planning services.