What is the E3 Method™? 

Each of the three Planning Levels below represents a degree of commitment to each of the Planning Topics of My Life Roadmap™ 

Together, we will help you decide which Planning Level is right for you, Essential, Enhanced, or Elite. Each level will have a series of action steps for you to take based on your needs, goals, and level of complexity.  

Many advisors don’t offer their clients a thorough process like the E3 Method™ that evolves with your needs. The E3 Method™ offers us the opportunity to adjust and fine tune our advice so that it can grow with your wealth and as the complexity of your life changes.   

Our team will help you complete the Essential items first. Then we will focus more time on the Enhanced and Elite levels as you need them.  


The E3 Method™  Planning Levels 

Essential: This level is a good fit for people who take their wealth seriously and value proactive planning that protects all aspects of your wealth, not just some of it. We ask you the right questions so we can coordinate all aspects of your wealth, including important ones you might not have thought about.   

Enhanced: If you have additional levels of complexity that surround your wealth, we may suggest you take further steps that can be found at the Enhanced level. These recommendations will be based on the specific opportunities or challenges you face because of those complexities.  

Elite: You’re the right fit for the Elite level if your Planning Topics in My Life Roadmap™ require additional safeguards and a higher degree of protection. This can happen if you have high levels of complexities from assets, properties, businesses, family, and other sources or people.   


Which Level is the Right One for Me? 

To help select the best level for you, we need to understand your unique situation. This process can start with just a phone call.  

Click here to book a phone call with Bobby Hart, our Wealth Advisor. Or call us today at (540) 248-4343 and ask to speak with Bobby.  

You’ll answer a few questions to see if Wealth Management is the right fit for you. When we understand your unique situation, we can discuss which of the Planning Levels, Essential, Enhanced, or Elite, is best for you.