Second-Opinion Service

We would like to offer our popular and complimentary second-opinion service to the people you care about. 

It’s important to have a wealth manager on your side when you’re trying to achieve your financial goals. And our advisors are here to offer you suggestions and guidance. 

If you have a family member, friend, or associate who might be interested in our second-opinion service (even if they have a current advisor),  we would like to offer them the same knowledge and care that you have come to expect as a valued client of ours. 

At no charge.

And although many advisors say they do wealth management, the truth is that many of them don’t. Some of them talk about investing, but fail to mention the other critical pieces needed to help protect assets.  

Real wealth management is much more than investing. It’s also Advanced Planning and Relationship Management.  These things are important because you need a comprehensive analysis of ALL the pieces that affect your wealth, not just some of them. This includes opportunities and challenges you may not have thought about, but we do – every day. 

What to expect from our second-opinion service

We will meet with your friends, family members, or associates for a Discovery Meeting. If we both agree to continue working together, they will return for the Investment Plan Meeting. 

They will receive valuable documents from our Total Client Profile. And even if we aren’t a good fit for them, we will give them their profile so they can share it with another provider of their choice. 

If you have a friend or colleague anywhere in the U.S. who would like an objective assessment from our trusted advisors at Mossy Creek Wealth, call us direct at 540-248-4343 or email us at