The Value of Great Advisors

Trent Byerly |

You’ve probably heard us talk about “clarity” before.  

It rarely appears by luck or chance. Instead, it takes specific processes like the proprietary ones we use, to show us the best path forward. A clear picture then emerges which helps us to focus on helping you reach the goals you want for yourself and your family.    

Our Mossy Creek Wealth team provides value to you because of our experience, knowledge, and results. We use these tools to help protect your wealth and advise you when we see opportunities for growth. The plans you have for your future and your family need to be closely monitored so we can help you achieve them. And our advisors will inform you of any potential roadblocks in your plans that you may not have thought about. We will offer specific tangible solutions to eliminate or decrease problems that could affect the outcomes you want to achieve.     

These are a few of the core tenets and beliefs we use to deliver a world-class Wealth Management experience to you… 


Disciplined Coaching  

We will design your personalized Wealth Management plan with you.  It will be based on your resources, lifestyle, family, and goals. The key to successful wealth management is to have a steadfast resolve to your plan and to only make changes after we have analyzed the data against your specific situation. The plan we build for your family is unique to what you need (and what you don’t) and might not work for other families.  

It is our responsibility to remind you of your goals and how we plan to help you get there, especially when you hear outside noise from so-called financial “experts.” Unless they have our level of experience and all the details about your goals, assets, plans, and everything else you have told us, their generic advice may not help you. In fact, it could completely derail your plans by materially decreasing the resources we need to implement your goals.  

Our advisors will help you to look beyond the hype and concentrate on the facts. Sometimes, noisy distractors try to tell you if you’re not making changes in your investments, you’re doing something wrong. But sound principles always win out over temporary fear or misguided elation. It is our job to help keep ill advice away from healthy plans.  



Open communication and trust are critical to a successful working relationship between Mossy Creek Wealth and our valued clients. When we know who and what is important to you, we can work together to drive the changes needed to help turn your vision into a reality.  


Experienced Advisors  

Investors who are overwhelmed with other responsibilities and do not have the time, ability, or willingness to handle their financial matters gain peace of mind by working with our advisors.  

Our clients have trusted us over the decades because they know we will work hard for them. Integrity, clarity, transparency, and understanding the financial and emotional needs of our clients are words we put into action every day.     


The Value of the Right Advisor 

An advisor’s value is measured not just by the charts, sheets, and projections we show you in our meetings, but by our ability to know what information is important and what should be ignored. This comes from decades of experience analyzing the markets and other external factors. We combine that knowledge with a compassionate understanding of the strengths and challenges of our client families.  


The Best Advisors Know When it’s Time to Wait and When to Act  

Some advisors encourage their clients to let money sit untouched because they fear making the wrong move. But this inaction could lead to clients not optimizing their assets. It’s important to never allow your money to sit idle when we can make it work hard for you based on your goals and your unique Risk Profile (if you haven’t taken yours yet, please let us know).  

We understand there is a precarious but critical balancing act between knowing when to move and when to wait. That’s why we use cutting-edge tools to run probabilities and multiple scenarios to give us the most accurate results. And it’s not just markets that drive our advice, it’s the relationship we have with you and your family. Because even if the markets don’t require changes to be made in your portfolio, the goals and needs of you and your family might because they’re always evolving and changing.  

We would like to bring this 2022 white paper from Vanguard to your attention. It is something clients don’t typically get the chance to see. As you can tell by the name, “Putting a value on your value: Quantifying Vanguard Advisor’s Alpha,” the document was written for advisors, not clients. We are sharing it with you because we think you can gain value from it (and get a “behind the scenes” look at the types of documents advisors get to see).